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Thomas D. Ferreira, Esq.

I’m Thomas Ferreira, your divorce lawyer and mediator in Carlsbad, California. I could tell you that I have over 31 years of litigation experience. And that I have a mediation credential from the National Conflict Resolution Center. Or, I could share that I have successfully handled hundreds of family law cases. Also, I could tell you that I know the San Diego family law bench very well. Finally, I could describe myself as a divorce lawyer who is “aggressive,” “compassionate,” and “experienced.” All of that is true. And you’ve probably seen that on every other divorce lawyer site you’ve visited so far.

Important Choices

But you are on this page because you have reached a crisis point in your life. Likely, you need help to protect your family, your children, your property and income. Most of the divorce or child custody lawyers you have already researched can do these things and do them well. But how, you may be asking, do you compare them with each other? Do you go with the guy who promises he’ll take the gloves off? Or the gal who’s a Certified Family Law Specialist? How do you choose?

The Journey

My journey in family law began with my own separation and divorce in 2005. At that time, I was a father of two small boys ages 18 months and two-and-a-half. I was surprised when my now ex wife announced that she wanted a divorce. I went through the mental fog we all go through when divorce starts. Ultimately, I came to understand that family meant everything to me. I realized that job one was to build a stable foundation for my two sons. This gave my goal of relationship building a new urgency. It also gave me the desire to protect my assets and income to give the boys what they needed.

In short, I visualized my post-divorce life from the start and then figured out how to create that life.

Not only did I learn everything I could get my hands on about divorce and family law. I joined groups and attended classes to understand how to manage my co-parenting relationship. I also learned how to restructure my life around the children. And, to create a safe and happy place for them, when they’re in my world.

Lessons Learned

In those years I learned vital lessons that I teach my clients. The goal is not just to win their cases, but to help them keep what’s good about family life. I have learned over and over again that at the crisis point of divorce lies an opportunity. It’s the opportunity to remake yourself and your family. But you need a goal to aim for. Once you have your goal firmly in mind, you’ll know exactly what litigation strategy will get you there.

Many people make the mistake of deciding to fight as hard and aggressively as they can. At least until they run out of money for lawyer fees. There are many fine divorce and child custody lawyers who will adopt that strategy as their default.

I believe it’s better to preserve civility where possible so that you can resolve your case and create a more cooperative co-parenting strategy. There’s certainly a place for an aggressive, trial-oriented stance, but let’s pick those battles carefully and count the costs. My clients will tell you that I do battle where necessary, but my goal is to help you accomplish your goals for your post-divorce life.

Next Steps

I invite you to explore the pages on this site and read my blog. Watch the videos and get to know me. Visit my podcast site at
Divorce University Online. You’ll see that legal knowledge and litigation tactics are only half the battle. The other half is understanding your own life goals to set yourself up for future success. You’ll find that I have a high level of client satisfaction and success in accomplishing these goals.

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