Divorce Mediation Services

Why are Divorce Mediation Services the best alternative in almost every situation? Click here to register for our Free workshop and learn more.

  • Getting into private divorce mediation at the beginning of the process will reduce conflict and stress and give you the autonomy to restore freedom and stability in your life. It will allow you to utilize the divorce process in a way that helps you begin to create the life you desire. The many benefits of mediation include:

  • 1. The divorce mediation process normally lasts approximately 3 months, versus the 12-18 month timeline of utilizing the court system to resolve your family law case.

  • 2. Divorce mediation services will save you tons of money. It is usually only 1TD with border_edited-10% of the cost of a traditional litigated divorce case.

  • 3. Your secrets remain your secrets. The court process is designed to air your dirty laundry in open court. The divorce mediation process is completely confidential.

  • 4. You can create a custom child custody plan that works for your family without having the judge, who is a stranger to your family, trying to figure out what is best.

  • 5. Divorce mediation services provide alternative win-win solutions to help both parties ensure financial security. Our mediation model includes both an attorney/mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ at no additional cost to the parties. The court does not have the time or resources to explore in-depth legal and financial alternative solutions for your personal situation.

Thomas, an experienced family law attorney and credentialed mediator, teams with Tammy Ferreira, a Certified Divorce Financial AnalystTM to co-mediate and provide you with both legal and financial expertise with a male/female balance. We have a flexible mediation process that allows you to utilize as much or as little help as you need. Customizing your process in this way utilizes your resources efficiently and allows you to utilize our expertise where you need it most.

We offer Custody and Divorce Mediation Services throughout California via video conferencing and telephone. We will also travel to the parties for an additional fee.

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