5 Reasons Why our Divorce Mediation Services are the best alternative in almost every situation

Getting into private Divorce Mediation at the very beginning of your divorce will reduce conflict and stress. Most importantly, it puts you in control of the process. Furthermore, it allows you to divorce in a way that helps you to create the post-divorce life of your dreams. The many benefits of mediation include:


Typically, our mediation process lasts about 3 months for most couples. In contrast, letting the Court decide your case can often take 12-18 months. Divorce is painful. Therefore, our goal is to help you resolve your case as quickly as possible. There is value in being done and moving on with your life.


Additionally, divorce mediation services will save you a lot of money! Did you know mediation typically costs 10% of a traditional divorce involving 2 attorneys. In other words, you save 90%!


Your secrets stay your secrets! Not so in Court. The process has a way of airing your dirty laundry in open court. If you’ve never seen it in action, go watch a hearing in your local family law Court. However, the mediation process is completely confidential.


Moreover, you can create a custom financial and child custody plan that works for your family. As compared to having a judge, who is a stranger to your family, try to figure out what is best. Why would you want that? In our experience, most judges do their best to make the best decision. But, let’s face it, our Courts just do no have the time or resources to dig in to the details of every case. Many family law judges are managing thousands of cases at a time.

Lastly, divorce mediation services provide alternative win-win solutions to help both parties ensure a secure future. Our mediation model gives you an experienced attorney/mediator and also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, at no additional cost. Honestly, the court just does not have the time or resources to explore personalized solutions for every case.

Thomas and Tammy provide you with both legal and financial expertise and a male/female balance. Our flexible process gives you as much or as little help as you need. That way, you can put your resources where you need them most. Click here to learn more about us on our “Meet the Team” page.

We provide Custody and Divorce Mediation Services all over in California via video conferencing and telephone. We will also travel to the parties for an additional fee. Have more questions? Click here to listen to our Divorce University Online Podcast Episode 5 on “Will Divorce Mediation Work for Me?”

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