Mediation is the only sane way for most couples to divorce and it gives you the most value for your money. In the vast majority of cases, it works!

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Legal Representation

Thomas is a divorced father and understands both the personal and legal aspects of divorce and child custody cases.

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Paperwork Only

Financial struggle is all too common in divorce. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance in navigating the paperwork or appearing in Court.

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Looking for More “Hands On” Help?

Navigating the divorce process can be challenging. Even when you have an attorney, their interests can be in conflict with yours. Making the “right” decision often depends on each individual situation.

Even when you figure out what you should do, carrying that out in an emotionally vulnerable state can be near impossible. And ultimately, your actions and reactions can help you win or lose case and more importantly, have a long-term impact on your family relationships.

Thomas and Tammy each offer one-on-coaching services to help you understand the system, what actions you need to take based on your situation and support you in carrying out the plan on a daily basis. Coaching can often have a greater impact due to the ability to get to know more details about you and your situation while reducing the cost of divorce.

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