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Your seasoned Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediator with flat fee pricing options
Thomas D. Ferreira is a seasoned Divorce Lawyer and Divorce Mediator located in Carlsbad and offering “flat fee” pricing options for litigation and mediation services

Whether you’re contemplating divorce, a breakup involving children with a boyfriend or girlfriend, are in need support, or are in full-blown divorce proceedings, you have questions:

  • How much is spousal support going to be?

  • How do I get or keep enough money to live?

  • How do I protect my hard-earned savings and property?

  • What can I do to protect my relationship to my children or get more parenting time?

  • Should I get the most aggressive divorce lawyer I can find, even if it costs more?

  • What do I do when I know my kids are suffering at the other parent’s home?

Meet Thomas D. Ferreira.  I  am not only a divorce lawyer; I am a divorced lawyer. I know that until you’ve been there yourself, you have no idea how painful it is to see your ex across a crowded courtroom when your own family is on the line.

Winning your divorce case is not just about having the smartest or most aggressive lawyer. The best divorce lawyer in San Diego won’t be able to fix your case if you’ve made some bad mistakes early on.

Having the right strategy and attitudes can put you on the road to victory against your ex, and insure that you’ll have what you need to support and care for your family. I can tell you the buzz words and attitudes that will get a family law judge’s head nodding. I can help you push the right buttons to get the result you want.  As a general rule, family law judges expect you to:

  • Put your children first before your own career and needs;

  • Be willing to compromise and be cooperative with the other party;

  • Be willing to move on with life and disengage from conflict with your spouse or ex-mate;

  • Be prepared and professional in the presentation of your case;

  • Know the family law rules of court, the Family Code and other sources of law;

  • Not attack the other side, but be willing to cooperate.

I have a passion to help and to teach.  I’ll help you feel more calm and focused when you’re facing court.  I will help you achieve a better resolution of your divorce, child custody, spousal support (alimony) or child support case. I can show you how to save money by:

  • Getting educated on your rights and obligations under California family law;

  • Using your attorney wisely to get the most bang for your buck;

  • Assisting with paperwork or with court appearances as needed;

  • Full-service representation to conclude your matter;

  • Divorce Mediation and Child Custody mediaton to get to agreement as soon as possible while spending less.

This site is dedicated to providing you helpful information about the laws and strategies I have learned in my years in family law practice.  I have included information gleaned from personal experience in my own child custody and divorce case. Feel free to browse its contents, read my blog, watch the videos, and if you need further information specific to your case, call 760-990-4752 for a free consultation. 

Disclaimer: Thomas D. Ferreira Is Your Compassionate, Aggressive, Experienced Divorce, Child Custody and Support attorney and mediator in San Diego, North County dedicated to a solution-focused approach to all divorce, child custody, child support or alimony issues. Thomas provides legal representation before the Riverside and North San Diego Superior Courts, servicing family law clients in Murrieta, Hemet and Temecula, as well as the Tri-City area, including Carlsbad, Vista, Oceanside, San Marcos and Escondido. Thomas D. Ferreira is an attorney licensed only in the State of California. The information set forth in this blog or on our websites are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship, nor are the intended as legal advice on your specific matter. This information is not intended to apply to cases or jurisdictions outside the State of California, and those viewing this information outside of California, or having business before jurisdictions outside of California, should consult a local professional or lawyer. The information in this blog is not a substitute for the advice of competent counsel, and is not intended, nor should it be construed, as a guarantee, warrantee or prediction regarding the results of your legal matter.


Thomas D. Ferreira is a California family law attorney and credentialed mediator who practices in North San Diego County.  Admitted to the bar in 1987, Thomas practiced workers’ compensation litigation, becoming a managing shareholder of Kegel, Tobin & Truce. Through his own experience with divorce and co-parenting, Thomas learned how to thrive after divorce, with …