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Our Mission

The Law Offices of Thomas D. Ferreira provide a whole-person approach to the divorce legal process.

Thomas is dedicated to providing a cost effective way to manage the legal system, which includes a full-service mediation to guide the couple through the entire process without lawyers on both sides.  We handle the dissolution case from petition to judgment, allowing the parties to reach their own agreements.

Our overriding concern is to assist parents to thrive following divorce, for the benefit of children.  We believe that in most cases, parents can cooperate and resolve their differences.  When parents reach their own agreements, they are more likely to cooperate after divorce.  When parents can cooperate, children will thrive.

Recognizing that traditional litigation is expensive, we reduce its costs by assisting pro-per litigants or representing them for various parts of the process.  We also provide aggressive, full legal services where negotiations have broken down, to achieve the best possible custody arrangements and property settlements.