The number 1 mistake made by the newly separated is that they act rashly based on high emotions.  They will often look for a lawyer who can use the divorce to punish their ex.  This pushes the case into high conflict in which the only winner is the lawyer, while the divorcing parties and children suffer.

Meet Thomas Ferreira specializing in child custody laws and fixing family dispute conflict resolution.

Thomas D. Ferreira is an attorney and mediator with 20 years of litigation experience. Thomas specializes in developing short term and long-term plans to help you:

  • Make the best decisions for you and your children after divorce
  • Navigate the family court system while protecting your children and your property
  • Handle conflict with your ex and be the winner every time
  • Create a parenting plan to regain that critical relationship with your children
  • Deal with judges, mediators, therapists, social workers, Family Court Services and Child Protective Services to maximize yours and your family’s well-being

If you and your children are facing the end of your marriage, you may have questions. Such as…

How will I survive in the months following the divorce?

What steps must I take to protect my property during divorce?

How will I protect my children and provide a loving, stable environment for them after the divorce?

The decisions you make at this crucial time will affect you and your children for years to come.  Questions such as what to do about the family home, who will take responsibility for the children and how you will survive financially, must be answered, often while you or your spouse is in acute grief as a result of the divorce.

If you are divorcing, you need representation from an experienced attorney who will put you and your children first.  Thomas Ferreira founded Divorce Life Solutions to provide help to divorcing people dealing with conflict.   As a divorced father himself, Thomas Ferreira knows how to get through those early days without losing your mind and throwing your divorce case into high conflict.  Once the situation has stabilized, parents can use negotiation and mediation to bring about a divorce settlement which is a win for them and their children.

Whether you’re newly separated or already experiencing the pain of a high-conflict divorce, we can help.  Our philosophy is to reduce fear and mistrust by informing our clients about the law, and then focusing on conflict resolution from the start.  The first step is creating a focused, short-term plan of action to take the pressure off and allow for divorce settlement discussions.  Then, we focus on the parenting plan, which is the most critical element of any divorce involving children.  With a comprehensive plan detailing how you would like to share your children, you will have a reference point in all negotiations during your divorce.

If you are dealing with separation or divorce, please fill out the questionnaire here, and we will contact you to schedule a free 1-hour consultation.